Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Move over Skype here comes WebRTC

The web has touched almost everything in our lives, the impact on communications has been truly revolutionary, and now WebRTC is taking the revolution to the next level. With WebRTC the boundaries between traditional fixed/mobile number telecoms and Over The Top apps such as Skype become increasingly blurred. 

WebRTC is the product output from a free, open-source initiative that enables compliant web browsers to communicate in real-time using simple JavaScript APIs. The project's mission: "To enable rich, high quality, real-time communication applications to be developed in the browser via simple JavaScript APIs and HTML5."

For telecoms operators WebRTC technology is an enabler of fully converged communications solutions and it presents some exciting opportunities.

By exploiting WebRTC, operators can enter the market with new products and services to compete directly for wallet share with established Over The Top players. Also, being an open-source web technology the barriers to entry are very low, and the cost model has the potential to be highly disruptive to the existing eco-system and whilst some established telecoms network systems vendors have been slow to move in this area, others have been quick to expand their existing product lines and a range of new market entrants are also coming into view.

In the consumer space we should expect to see new propositions from operators keen to offer users an alternative to Skype and FaceTime, whilst in the business space we should expect to see new partnerships and alliances being forged across the value chain along with new offerings from operators keen to enter the market with expanded on-premise and Cloud-hosted PBX offerings for business customers.   

As with any new technology development there are significant risks to adoption and understandably budget owners will be concerned about the viability of WebRTC and may want reassurance about the market opportunity, business case, and maturity of vendor platforms, along with guidance on how to plan new product development and market entry.

Triggeractive has over 20 years experience working with convergence technologies and Internet communication systems, and has provided consultancy and project management services for some of the worlds largest mobile telecoms operators. Triggeractive has expertise in new product development with a range of communications technologies including significant recent experience of WebRTC. 

Please contact David Cross via LinkedIn for further information.

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